OnRamp provides the super merchants, PSP (payment service providers) and merchant aggregators with a complete affordable solution for the acquisition of new, small and medium merchants.

New and small merchants are an untapped market sector as they have been too expensive to acquire and manage. Yet this can be a very profitable market. OnRamp manages many merchants for numerous acquirers/ aggregators. OnRamp is a small merchant specialist. From contracting to products, from administration to settlement, OnRamp manages the entire process.

OnRamp is an automated web-based platform that allows merchants to be created on the go. This platform allows merchants to sign up for a merchant account instantly and they can start trading immediately.

There is a lot of detail pertaining to the merchant details and business requirements that are pre-configured into the Rapid on-boarding engine, making the take-on process quickly fand seamless.

The PSP is an integrated, robust system that essentially runs its self, requiring minimal human interaction. Some of the most prominent components that make up the PSP system are defined in the sections to follow.

OnRamp is the face as well as the interface for the merchants. The merchants always remain with the acquirer (OnRamp is integrated to the acquiring bank) However, there are no costs to the acquirer as OnRamp covers its costs from the merchants.

New and small merchants are the future of your merchant acquiring business. OnRamp is designed to bring these merchants into the system and then then hand them over to you once they become large merchants. They are always your merchants … they are just spending a while at the crèche!

OnRamp understands small and new merchants.

  • The sign-up process is planned to be easily understood,
  • The products are specially designed to be quick and easy to implement,
  • The products are constructed to be appropriate to small businesses.

OnRamp offers:

  • Self-registration,
  • Transfection management (Indigo),
  • Accounts functions (Pastel evolution).

OnRamp uses the best security available. For Card Not Present merchants we include 3D Secure and CyberSource, built in. OnRamp uses a PCI DSS Level 1 certified data center.

As the technology changes and the requirements of small merchants change, so will the products that OnRamp offers
OnRamp currently offers merchant the following products.

  • eCommerce,
  • mPOS,
  • POS Terminal.