Payment Gateway

The iVeri Payment Gateway is a comprehensive solution that meets all the essential requirements of a true multi-channel card payments system. The iVeri Payment Gateway is designed for routing card payment transaction messages from remote payment devices such as EFTPOS Terminals, Internet and Mobile Devices to a transaction switch for processing.

In the card acceptance market, iVeri provides a solution that supports the rapid change in requirements of merchants and the market.

To meet these rapid changes, iVeri has developed a multi-channel solution to offer merchants a number of options for card acceptance but at the same time managing it on a single gateway solution. Further more the system is scalable and flexible to add new channels when they are available. This offering gives banks differentiation and a competitive advantage.

The benefit of this approach is that the banks control the last mile to their merchants over a number of channels. This gives the bank strategic lock in with their clients but still allows the bank to be innovative and flexible in their offering.

iVeri’s tried and tested solutions cover every possible way of accepting branded and non- branded card transactions with a strategic objective of seeing a ROI from each one of your merchants.