Nedbank PocketPos Release V4.4.2

(Available on Android 8 and up)


Fixes issues where automatic config updates are not completed for some Muira devices. With this version of the app, users will need to do a manual config update by navigating to the menu screen – Devices – Download Configs. To access the download config option, the user should be logged-in and for the config updates to take effect, the PocketPos app should be paired with a Muira device, and not in sleep mode.

Step to Downloading Configs:

  • Login to PocketPos
  • Navigate the Menu (Top right)
  • More items
  • Devices
    • Choose the Device Serial Number
  • Device – Info- Details
    • A “connecting to a device” screen will displayed.
      • At this point the device should not be in sleep mode otherwise a “Device failed to connect” message will be returned back to PocketPos
    • Click on Download Configs
    • On the Muira device screen , an “Updating Configs” message will be displayed followed by a progress icons and “MPI Initializing” which is indicative of the device rebooting. When download config and reboot of the device is completed, the Muira device should display a battery, bluetooth icon and PocketPos logo

To note: After the device has completed the config update and reboot, there maybe instances on certain device models where the PocketPos logo is not displayed. Merchants should still proceed to do a transaction.


Accessing the Download Config in PocketPos

Config Updates on Muira Device