Integrated Multi-Lane

iVeri’s IndiGo Multi-Lane solution can be integrated into various existing Till Systems enabling Retailers to have a single view of all transactions (cash and card) across multiple lanes or stores.

Acquiring Banks

Large Retailers forms an important client base to Acquiring Banks but due to current competition in the market it can be challenging to lock-in these Merchants. With the Indigo integrated solution we provide the Bank with the ability to provide their merchants with a unique product and put them above the rest.

Multi-lane Retailers

Retailers are often faced with the challenge of having a consolidated view of cash/card transactions combined with their inventory sales. Indigo Multi-lane allows Merchants to minimise these challenges by integrating the payment module into the existing Till System allowing a more unified central location of card/cash and inventory management.


By integrating card payments, integrators are able to offer an enhanced product which adds value to their current offering and can increase their current client base.

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