Corporate Strength APIs

Enterprise consists of two APIs which are intended for businesses that need the flexibility to integrate and customise a transaction processing engine to their own unique business requirements. This solution provides businesses with the ultimate control to manage their card processing requirements.

iVeri Enterprise APIs also allow for central processing of multichannel card payments. Payments received from the internet, the call centre and from the physical point of sale or kiosk can all be processed using the power and versatility of IVeri Enterprise.

Developers can chose between the Rest or SOAP versions of iVeri Enterprise API.




Visa Checkout *
API Support
Webhook/Out of band Transaction Notifications
Tokenisation of Cards
3D secure
Transaction Reports
Sale & Refunds
Authorisation, Authorisation Reversal & Capture
Recon Automation *
Bin Management Download
eCommerce/CNP Transaction Support
Contact( Swiped, Dipped) Acceptance*
Contactless Acceptance*
Batch Upload/Download Result File
Hot Card File Download*
Creation of Divert Payment URLs
Gateway Status
Creation of Divert  Payment URLS in Batch
BlackCard Download*
Multi Currency Pricing*
Balance Enquiry*


  • 3D Secure,
  • Merchants can integrate the payments solution into the core of their systems,
  • Merchant is in complete control of the payment process,
  • Transaction history report,
  • Transaction lookup

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