The effective way to collect regular payments.

Batch is aimed at merchants who accept cards and do not need to process transactions in real-time.

Batch requires merchants to create a file in a specific format and to upload It securely to the iVeri Payment Gateway for processing.Alternatively, merchants can also use the Create Batch function to manually create batches for uploading and processing.iVeri automatically creates the batch in the required format.

Batches are uniquely identified and can be set up to be processed on a date in the future. This is ideal for month ends that fall on a weekend or a public holiday.

Batch merchants are able to return to iVeri Back Office and view the status of their batch once it has been processed.


  • The Merchant determines the date the batch is processed,
  • The Merchant is able to reconcile within their own accounting system using the completed batch file,
  • Transaction history report,
  • Transaction lookup,
  • BackOffice.

Click below to download iVeri Batch Documentation.