iVeri Hosted Gateway Release V4.78

The release notes contained in this document will be applied into the iVeri Hosted Gateway production environment on the 24th of May.

Change Details: 24/05/2020, Start Time: 20:00 (GMT +2)
Duration: 1-2 hours
Downtime: 5-10 mins

Universal Release Notes – applicable across iVeri’ s customer

Admin Website
• Distinctions in integrator and aggregators on creation of merchant profiles has been introduced

• As mandated by the associations the expiry card date checking has been lifted leaving the responsibility to decline a transaction to the acquiring systems, associations, and issuers.
– Applied as part of COVID 19 mitigation measures
• Ability to grab the merchant’s geolocation on the transaction received has been added
– Each transaction will contain latitude and longitude
• A mechanism that will allow for the creation of providers off the shelve has been added

• The capability to allow mPress applications to use access tokens on subsequent logins has been added
• Ability to validate sub-merchants using an OTP when logging in has been added
• A word wrapper mechanism has been added for Distributor names that are too long so as the appearance of them is not distorted
• Ability for PSP’s (aggregators or integrators) to manage & view their merchant base profiles has been added

Bug Fixes
• An issue where the OAuth access tokens had an open-ended validity span has been remedied by restricting the validity of the OAuth tokens to a session
• To mitigate against cross site scripting (XSS), invalid input characters that could be contained in the merchant reference field will be validated & if found the transaction request will be rejected with an error “255: Invalid Merchant Reference”
• An issue where the splitting of integrator and aggregator definitions and provisioning caused certain Integrators test transactions to fail has been solved
• Inconsistencies where the new Backoffice does not retrieve the logo image has been resolved
• Exception errors picked up when logging into the new Backoffice via Firefox have been made resolved
• Exception errors picked up when logging information for Backoffice and Gateway online processes has been remedied

Customised for CIM

Compliance – Security Requirements
• A security audit scan that identified vulnerable versions of jQuery and Bootstrap has been remedied by updating versions affected

Bug Fixes
• An issue where the background color on the iVeri Lite payment page was not taking effect has been remedied
• An issue where the Gateway emails were not being sent by CIM Finance SMPT server has been resolved
– Finalisation of issue depends on updating their SPF records to allow emails originating from iVeri data centre

Customised for First Atlantic Bank (FAB)

• Certification testing of iVeri implementation of FAB’s MPGS interface has been conducted

Internal to CSC

• The Mastercard settlement file updates have been made to do away with including the Transaction initial channel & POS entry mode.

Internal to iVeri

• Billing capability to the merchant profile has been added
– Extends existing billing mechanism to Aggregators and or integrator profiles
• Capability to show Pin IKSN has been added on creation of the device
• The ability to create an aggregator profile has been added

• Ability to accept and process OTT Vouchers as form of payment has been added
• The ability to onboard sub merchants that belong to a PSP – aggregator has been added via a PSP (aggregator) registration portal has been added

Admin Website
• Configuration to enabled or disable OTT Vouchers has been added
• Ability to accept and process OTT Vouchers as form of payment has been added
• Mechanism to migrate applications and or profiles to other profiles (i.e Aggregator) has been added

• OAuth authentication mechanism has been added
– As a trial bases will be used for iVeri purposes
• Inclusion of Enterprise, Lite and Divert as products has been added on the evriPay aggregator which is to be used for iVeri to sign up merchants directly.
• A mechanism to generate a settlement report that may contain transactions settled and those which may be withheld in a fraud docket has been added
• Since Peach Payments may stop routing transactions via the iVeri Gateway, an equivalent of Peach’s Enterprise implementation has been introduced
– When used, it will allow merchants to continue routing their transactions via the iVeri Gateway without changing their implementation
• To create efficiencies, a unified approach of accessing or making updates to the audit table has been introduced in the scripts at play.

Bug Fixes
• An issue where Union Pay Bin looks-up returns errors due the association removal has been resolved
• An issue where the transaction profiler page was no longer displayed has been resolved
• An issue where null values were captured on the integrator profiles has been addressed, if the user does not capture certain parameters defaults are used
• Inconsistencies where Gateway mailers where not correctly using the same style sheet used in the Admin website has been remedied
• Distributor parameters which were not updating as expected have been resolved
• Audit trail which was not working as expected for Backoffice has been resolved

• Please go to iVeri Campus to get further updated information on all iVeri Products

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