IndiGo goes Mass Transit

Mass transit is not something many African payment facilitators can get involved in. This is mainly because there are not many mass transit systems on the continent and most of those that are using closed-loop payment systems. So when iVeri was commissioned to add open-loop contactless card acceptance to South Africa’s Gautrain system was a challenge we embraced.

The project entailed integrating IndiGo, our integrated multi-lane product to the existing turnstiles and payment management system supplied by Thales, and then linking this to Nedbank for processing.

After an extensive pilot period, the system went live on 31 October this year and has been running smoothly ever since. Take up is good and especially convenient to foreigners who now do not need to buy and fund the proprietary Gautrain Card.

What we are especially proud of is that the operators of Gautrain and Thales backed African IP for this solution. It also demonstrated the versatility of our IndiGo product and the iVeri Payment Gateway.

Iveri Tap and Ride