Gateway Release

-Support of authenticated and non- authenticated UPI (UnionPay International) transactions has been extended to the Enterprise API’s

-A new encryption standard – Json Web Encryption (JWE) has been introduced to format, encrypt/decrypt sensitive card data generated by Tap on Phone based payment applications
– The ability for the Gateway to generate tokens has been extended to cardholders that will be using Qubit and or similar use cases
– In order to simplify configuring a logo on the Divert Payment request, a drag and drop of the logo from the merchant’s website has been added

New Backoffice 
– An interface for integrators/PSP to manage their own merchants has been added
– An Integrator with be able to login in Backoffice with their own set of credentials 
– Upon logging in, Integrators/PSP’s will be able to do a Backoffice Login to each of their merchant’s profile
-Integrators/ PSP’s will be able to download their merchant’s recon reports