Accepting payments through social media

Payment Links Bridge Breakdowns in Customer Digital Journeys

Products and services bought on websites mostly have fixed offerings at a fixed price. A seat on a specific flight costs x. Should a customer require something that the digital offering does not have, like a group booking, then the Customer journey moves away from the website to email, chat or the call centre. Once the Customer’s request is understood and the price agreed, a simple payments link can complete the journey. Organisations are relying more and more on their digital channels for revenue generation. Payment links have been successfully used in email commerce for a while. With chat becoming more common as a Customer interaction channel, the Payment Link is enabling the user journey to be completed in the chat.

Chat Commerce is taking the lead when it comes to helping brands convince users to complete customer journeys. In fact, a simple, safe payment link in a WhatsApp or LinkedIn message could hold the key for many companies struggling with customer conversion, customisation, acquisition and even cart abandonment.

The iVeri product that enables Chat Commerce is DiVert. Use DiVert to open up this exciting new channel of revenue.